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What is CMI Accreditation in Engineering and How Does It Help Me?

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The online Engineering Management MSc at the University of Leeds is accredited by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) and is equivalent to a CMI Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership Practice. CMI’s qualifications sit on the RQF (Regulated Qualifications Frameworks) and are recognised by the European Credit Framework. During your studies, the CMI resources that you will benefit from include:

  • Free CMI Affiliate membership.
  • Access to Management Masterclass CPD events and webinars.
  • Engagement with a global community of over 160,000 individuals.
  • Validated management and leadership resources, including company and industry reports.
  • Career development resources including CV assessment and interview tools.
  • CMI’s magazine and regular news and updates.

In this blog, we explore the more of the key benefits of possessing a CMI accreditated Masters in Engineering Management.

4 benefits of owning a CMI accredited Masters

On successful completion of the MSc, you will have met the academic requirements for the fast-track route to becoming a Chartered Manager. Backed by Royal Charter, CMI is the only professional body able to award Chartered Manager status. This can become a key milestone in your career and, should you wish to pursue the full Chartered Manager status, it demonstrates that you have reached an internationally recognised standard of competence, acknowledging your commitment to maintaining professional standards in leadership and management. But what benefits can it bring to you?

What is CMI Accreditation in Engineering and How Does It Help Me?

1. Use of an internationally protected title

Chartered status recognises managers with exceptional management and leadership skills and commitment to Continuing Professional Development (CPD). The title shows employers and peers the value of a professional approach that delivers measurable impact. This recognises the individual as a professional in their field; in engineering, being recognised as an accredited manager shows peers and senior management your expertise and high skill level as a leader in engineering, whether that is in mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, electronic and electrical engineering, civil engineering or across the breadth of disciplines in which you might specialise in your industry sector.

2. Improved career opportunities

2. Improved career opportunities and earning potential

As a result of this recognition by both senior management within your organisation and external employers, you will improve your career opportunities and salary prospects. According to a report by Oxford Economics, commissioned by the CMI, Chartered Managers boost their business revenue by £62k each year and £310k over 5 years*, showing the high value you can bring to your company through becoming Chartered, increases your opportunities for progression and promotion. Further, because of becoming Chartered as a manager, the report indicated you could experience a £13k average pay rise, indicative of the financial recognition for gaining this professional qualification.

* CMI commissioned Oxford Economics to undertake modelling to estimate the economic value of becoming Chartered on the UK economy, businesses and individuals in May 2019, surveying 636 respondents. All economic data in this infographic is from the Oxford Economics research. A full report is available on request.

3. Greater influence

3. Greater influencer within your organisation

Because of promotional opportunities and showing your worth, you can become a greater influencer in your company and stay close to technology whilst leading the way for technical engineers within your organisation. As an accredited manager, you can build the trust and rapport from colleagues to make high level strategic decisions to bridge the gap between technical engineers and senior management, whilst enhancing your own employability relevant to your sector. This enables you to apply your knowledge and skills to real world situations and address work-related challenges.

4. Opportunities to connect

4. Opportunities to connect with influential and inspirational people

The benefits of being able to connect with others are threefold. Firstly, you can connect with peers and senior members of staff to influence strategy, new innovations, and new ways of working in your organisation. Secondly, you can connect with professionals across industries or at other companies within your industry in similar positions to you, improving your knowledge and understanding across sectors, and building your expertise. Thirdly, you can use your expertise and experience to educate and inspire others within your organisation.

Study Engineering Management online with the University of Leeds

If you are an engineer wanting to develop your professional skills in leadership and management, so that you can deliver innovative engineering solutions and make a positive impact in your industry, you should consider becoming an engineering manager through an MSc. Whilst your initial thought might be an MBA, the MSc will give you the specific, industry focused knowledge you need to succeed as an engineering manager.

The CMI accredited Engineering Management MSc at the University of Leeds is delivered 100% online, giving you the flexibility to learn whilst working. The course is specifically designed for Engineers and will enable you to apply the advanced management techniques and practical skills that tomorrow’s business leaders will need. It’s ideal if you are:

  • In the initial stages of your career and looking to fast-track your progression.
  • An ambitious professional with substantial industry experience.
  • Already working in engineering management or are new to a management role and looking to develop your skills.
  • A busy professional and/or working abroad and unable to study full-time on-campus.

There has never been a more important time for businesses to have technically proficient managers, and our specialised curriculum brings a modern, technology-focused perspective to tried and tested management strategies.

What is CMI Accreditation in Engineering and How Does It Help Me?

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