Professional headshot image of Professor Lisa-Dionne Morris

Engineering Management

School of Mechanical Engineering Academic, Lisa-Dionne Morris, Becomes UK’s 41st Female Black Professor

Learn more about Lisa-Dionne Morris’ journey to becoming the UK’s 41st black woman to be awarded a professorship. [Read more]

Female sustainability manager wearing a red blazer and silver hooped earrings looking down at a green plastic plant pot and using her sustainability skills to problem solve alongside two male sustainability professionals

Sustainable Business Leadership

How to Develop the Skills for Sustainability Manager Roles

Explore five of the most important sustainability skills and how you can develop them. [Read more]

Professional profile image of Adam Morris, Student Success Manager for online Masters courses at the University of Leeds


University of Leeds: meet your Student Success Manager

Meet Adam Morris, the Student Success Manager for online Masters delivered by the University of Leeds. [Read more]

A group of four creative digital design professionals dressed in bright clothing are gathered around a table that has different design documents on them. In the background is a board that has different design terms on it. They are exploring what can you do with a digital design degree.

Digital Design and Communication

What Can You Do with a Digital Design and Communication Degree?

Read our blog to explore some of the most exciting digital design and communication careers. [Read more]

Forest protected by a dam

Sustainable Business Leadership

Meet the Associate Professor for Sustainable Business Leadership

Find out more about Dr James Van Alstine, the Associate Professor for our Sustainable Business Leadership course. [Read more]

A group of creatives are sat around a table. On the table are documents that relate to different parts of the design process, along with images of mobile phones as they are working out the user interface.

Digital Design and Communication

Meet the Programme Lead for Digital Design and Communication

Meet Dr Dian Li, the Programme Lead for our online Masters in Digital Design and Communication. [Read more]

Young male designer sat at a desk at home studying the University of Leeds’ Digital Design and Communication course on a laptop and second computer screen with post-it notes stuck around the desk and walls.

Digital Design and Communication

5 Reasons to Study Digital Design and Communication

Discover five reasons to study our online Masters in Digital Design and Communication. [Read more]

Female digital design manager wearing a navy blue dress and grey jacket stood up infront of a whiteboard covered in pie charts, bar graphs and notes teaching two female digital designers seated at a wooden desk

Digital Design and Communication

Leeds School of Design: Leading the Way in Digital Design Research and Human Centred Global Communication

Discover Leeds School of Design, bringing together expertise from a range of design and technology specialisms. [Read more]

Person on laptop with chart graphics

Artificial Intelligence

Meet the Programme Lead for Artificial Intelligence

Meet Dr Abdulrahman Altahhan, the Programme Lead for our online AI Masters. [Read more]