The School of Civil Engineering: Delivering Global Infrastructure Research

Engineering Management Female student working at the School of Civil Engineering on the University of Leeds campus.

Globally renowned for teaching, research and engagement with industry and government, the School of Civil Engineering at the University of Leeds is one of the most established civil engineering schools in the UK.

In this blog, we explore the unique school in more depth, examining its global infrastructure research, world-class approach to teaching and more.

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What is the School of Civil Engineering?

The School of Civil Engineering is a department at the University of Leeds, specialising in infrastructure relied upon in everyday life. With an ethos for working with other disciplines to tackle key societal and technical challenges, it delivers research that has a global impact. It also facilitates expert courses such as the online Engineering Management MSc in collaboration with three other engineering schools at Leeds.

The school is part of the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences, which brings together experts across other areas like chemical and process engineering, electronic and electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering to generate knowledge sharing and collaboration across a wide range of disciplines.

What engineering research projects are currently underway at the School of Civil Engineering?

Research at the School of Civil Engineering is supported by dedicated and experienced technical staff and first-class facilities.

In one of our latest research projects, we are involved in a technical review on solutions for indoor air quality. The need for change was highlighted in an air pollution report by England’s Chief Medical Officer, which deemed that building standards are failing to ensure offices, shops, public buildings, and homes meet best practice criteria. As a result, the research underway at Leeds is exploring the need for good ventilation, HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air filtrations) and more. It’s also scrutinising building principles to ensure that a healthier approach to indoor air quality is addressed in common guidance.

“Solutions exist to ensure we can improve indoor air quality. We need to strengthen the systems that ensure they are implemented and working effectively. At the same time, we must build our knowledge base to understand the economic and social costs that poor indoor air quality can cause”.

Professor Catherine Noakes Professor of the Environmental Engineering for Buildings at the School of Civil Engineering, University of Leeds

Elsewhere, our research colleagues Professor Gehan SelimDr Pam BirtillDr Jill Dickinson and Dr Rebecca Brunk are leading an interdisciplinary project at the University to examine lifestyles within diverse communities and reimagine green spaces at Leeds. The initiative will leverage community-use mapping, cultural behaviour data, and responses from under-represented groups to identify the need for green spaces as venues of belonging and interculturalism in the city.

“For Leeds to become an intercultural city, it is vital to recognise its community’s multicultural diversity and appreciate and value differences. Green spaces may provide one scalable community solution to this problem”.

Professor Gehan Selim Professor of Architecture at the School of Civil Engineering, University of Leeds

Who does the School of Civil Engineering collaborate with?

We have strong partnerships within the University of Leeds, including long-standing collaborations with the Institute for Transport StudiesRobotics at Leeds and the Centre for Global Development.

We also innovate in major initiatives including the Leeds Centre for Projects, which delivers project management research and education by engaging with industry, government and third-sector organisations. Alongside this, the school also collaborates with water@leedsthe Institute for High Speed Rail and System Integrationthe Centre for Infrastructure Materials, and the Neville Centre of Excellence in Cement and Concrete Engineering.

Insights from these collaborative efforts closely inform the content of all our courses, including the online Engineering Management Masters, ensuring that it aligns with the changing civil engineering landscape and the current trends impacting the industry.

What are the latest developments at the School of Civil Engineering?

To keep up to date with all the latest developments at the School of Civil Engineering, visit the website or follow the @LeedsUniCivil Twitter.

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