What is Fashion Design Management?

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Fashion Design Management within a business context is arguably one of the most important considerations throughout the fashion value chain, with the power to revolutionise a brands product offering and position in the market when given dedicated time and resources.

However, there is often some confusion about its true meaning.

So, what is fashion design management in a business context, and how does it relate to service design and design thinking? Read our blog to find out.

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What is fashion design management?

Firstly, let’s explore what fashion design management truly means by breaking this down into two parts.

Fashion business is the process of developing clothes, shoes, and accessories from idea to creation. This involves brainstorming ideas through sketching to considering styles and optimal textiles and other materials to use before the concept is transformed into a sellable fashion product.

On the other hand, fashion design management involves the overseeing of the design processes and making sure that these elements run smoothly throughout the delivery of a fashion brand in the marketplace. It requires an awareness of up-and-coming trends, influences, and styles, alongside a good understanding of the strategic aspects of fashion and service design to facilitate managerial decisions in a fast-paced industry.

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Now you have a better understanding of fashion design management, let’s investigate service design and how it intertwines.

What is service design?

In fashion business, service design is the design of any service that helps a brand achieve its goals. By looking for method to improve the various ‘service’ stages of fashion design offerings to their customers, brands can advance the way that their ideas and prototypes are tested and developed to help benefit the final product or service offering. Improvements also mean that they will be able to deliver the end-to-end process more smoothly to reduce costs and better meet ever-changing consumer demands.

One example of service design in the fashion industry that’s gaining popularity with fashion brands is the return of end-of-life garments. Retailers are providing the service to collect and use these garments from consumers to be recycled. The returned garments are then sorted into three categories:

  • Rewear: Wearable clothes are marketed as second-hand clothing.
  • Reuse: If clothes or textiles are not suitable for rewear they’re turned into other products, such as remake collections or cleaning cloths.
  • Recycle: All other clothes and textiles are shredded into textile fibres and used to make other items such as insultation materials. Services like this are used by H&M as part of their close the loop programme.

Reuse: If clothes or textiles are not suitable for rewear they’re turned into other products, such as remake collections or cleaning cloths.

While service design focuses more on the delivery stages of fashion design, let’s explore how this differs from design thinking.

What is design thinking?

Design thinking is centered around fashion brands coming up with new ways to optimise the design elements of a product or service to improve the qualities of an item both functionally, aesthetically and sustainably. This ranges from exploring new approaches to materials, fabrics, textiles and services that can make clothing items more sustainable and user-friendly.

An example of design thinking in action includes a ground-breaking project by Pip & Henry which explores the lifespan of children’s shoes. Their results showed that an average child needs replacement shoes every four months, with an overwhelming 85% of those shoes ending up in landfill. So, to combat this issue, they designed an expandable shoe from recyclable materials that stretches as the child grows. This not only reduces the number of shoes being produced and thrown away, but also reduces the amount of CO₂ and water used during the manufacturing process.

The design thinking initiative was awarded a share of the £1 million Circular Future Fund prize alongside a research project by the Leeds Institute of Textiles and Colour (LITAC), and the Wolfson CO2 Laboratory in the School of Chemistry, which developed a new polyester dyeing technology that eliminates waste and pollution. Read the full story of that project here.

Plain blue fabric showing a 100% polyester label and washing instructions

Both service design and design thinking are important parts of the fashion value chain. By exploring new approaches in these two areas of fashion design management, brands can identify better ways of working to futureproof their organisations and tailor their product offerings to the markets they serve.

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