Aindreas Muldowney Student Testimonial

Aindreas Muldowney

Engineering Management MSc online student


September 2019 intake

What motivated you to study for an MSc course in Engineering Management?

I’ve quickly progressed professionally, reaching senior management positions through hard work, dedication and good fortune. My career has been a series of learning experiences and I strive for continuous improvement by solving problems and working towards solutions through a wide engineering spectrum. The opportunity to study for a masters directly related to the four main branches of engineering was something I recognised as a necessity for continued career progression. I also love learning, and this course fulfils my desire to strengthen my knowledge.

Why did you choose the University of Leeds?

Leeds has designed the MSc for engineers, by engineers – making this course highly engineering specific and applicable across various industries. I have worked across a broad range of industries, from medical devices to power generation, and the scope of the course is perfect for this reason. I also chose Leeds for its reputation, as it is ranked as one of the top 100 universities in the world.

Why does online learning suit you better?

Online learning is great for time management. The ability to utilise technology as a tool to read, revise, attend lectures and interact within a virtual classroom environment makes learning around a busy schedule possible. I’m based in Ireland and there is no option for this particular MSc near me, so this online option of lea gives me the opportunity to study this course. I also save time by not having to travel to study, adding free time for other aspects of my life.

What are you hoping to get out of the Engineering Management MSc course and what is your end goal?

I have several learning outcomes I would like to gain the course. Learning and understanding the latest formal engineering management practices across a broad engineering spectrum is important for my career ambitions. I’m looking to develop skills with new management tools for use in senior management positions. I also aim to grow my skills in drafting white papers and engineering reports.

Tell us about your Enrolment Advisor. How did you find the application process?

Overall, I had a very positive enrolment experience. The application process was logical and direct; all of my questions were answered with efficiency and courtesy. The time taken between application and offer was sufficient for reflection and final decision.

What are you most excited about with starting your course over the next few months?

I’m looking forward to using the virtual learning platform, Minerva, as well as the online library, reading material, and tutorials. I’m excited about the entire online learning experience!

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