Amine Salameh Student Testimonial

Amine Salameh

Engineering Management MSc online student


March 2020 intake

What motivated you to study for an online Engineering Management MSc course?

Studying for a Masters was always one of my goals; I was never able to find the time to pursue one. I was really inspired by a previous colleague of mine who had graduated with a Masters degree as I discovered on social media. I searched the internet for opportunities and found the University of Leeds online Engineering Management MSc.

What has your experience of an online course with Leeds been like so far?

The University of Leeds virtual learning environment provides a great interface with the module tutors and the students, as well as clear guidance on assessments. What really stands out for me is the course content; it truly will give me an edge in my practical work.

For example, the content studied in my first module Innovation, Design and Creative Engineering; has proved useful as I am able to apply this knowledge directly at work, in an innovation competition we hold each year and smaller innovative projects that take place throughout the year. Also, the second module Business Strategy for Engineers has taught me how companies in the engineering sector will go about building a robust strategy. This has given me the confidence and knowledge to advise my company on its own business strategy.

What have you enjoyed most about the course so far?

The course format and the module content are very enjoyable, and they give a lot of clear learning instructions and what I have learnt can be applied to my workplace. and added value. The webinars are a very good opportunity for us to interact with the module tutors.

How has the course helped you in your day-to-day role?

So far, I have been able to apply a good application of research referencing. I have learned how to reference in papers and research using the Harvard Referencing Style, not something I have done before. This is something that I am doing now across other research areas in my role at work so that has proved very beneficial for me.

Tell us about the support you are receiving for your studies?

I am receiving a lot of support from my Student Success Advisor. When I have a problem, I can always contact them by phone and work out the next steps. The support is particularly useful if I am having an issue meeting my deadline or requiring an extension. In terms of the module tutors, the interaction through email and the webinars is sufficient if I need anything clarified. Generally, the responses from the University of Leeds module tutors and Student Success Advisors to my queries have been very fast.

What advice would you give to someone considering studying an online Masters course with Leeds?

The first thing that I would advise someone would be to get some work experience prior to starting your studies. I think that having that experience allows you to relate it directly to your workplace. The second thing would be time management; it can be a very time demanding course if you have not planned a schedule. It could really strain your time resources, so you always need to be on top of things. In my case, I plan each week to find out which days I am free to dedicate to study. This has enabled me to stay up to date with the demands of the course, sometimes studying over the weekend to ensure I can meet the course deadlines.

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