What is Sustainable Business Leadership?

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The demand for urgent social and environmental change continues to grow, placing sustainability firmly at the forefront of business agendas across many industries. As organisations address these challenges, sustainable business leadership plays a vital role in helping to integrate responsible practices and drive a better future.

In this blog, we assess the meaning of sustainable business leadership, its importance, the pathways to becoming a sustainable leader and the essential skills required to succeed.

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Defining sustainable business leadership

Sustainable business leadership is a term used to define employees who make sustainability related business decisions. They act as leading voices within a business and acknowledge that change needs to be made. They also work to push forward developments by raising awareness and influencing decision-makers to transform or grow their sustainable management practices whilst continuing to make their business successful.

How sustainable business leadership can help organisations

Sustainable business leadership is crucial for organisations looking to address global challenges, build resilience and make a positive impact in the industries they operate in. Here’s how it can help in different ways:

1. Environmental stewardship

Sustainable business leadership involves taking responsibility for the impact of business operations on the environment, and can help businesses reduce their carbon footprint, minimise waste and promote the use of renewable resources.

2. Corporate social responsibility

By supporting local communities, promoting fair practices and contributing to social causes, sustainable business leadership can address global issues surrounding labour rights, equality, and community engagement.

3. Triple bottom line

Whilst investment in sustainable business leadership can be an expensive initial outgoing, it’s likely to contribute to a business’s triple bottom line in the long term, improving its social, environmental, and financial performance.

What skills make a good sustainable business leader?

To be an effective business leader in sustainability, it’s useful to possess the following skills:

1. Analytical skills

It’s essential for sustainability professionals to be able to analyse complex information, identify patterns, and make data-driven decisions that align with sustainability goals. By doing so and showing the impact that sustainable approaches can have on businesses, leaders can evaluate the benefits and limitations of sustainability issues and leverage this data to drive future initiatives.

2. Project management

Sustainable business leadership requires an ability to prioritise tasks and deliver solutions in a timely manner. From balancing multiple initiatives and reacting to internal and external business pressures, good project management skills ensure social and environmental practices are executed thoroughly and solve the issues they set out to achieve.

3. Communication and collaboration

Pushing for sustainable change isn’t always as straightforward as it sounds. There may be some hesitation around new initiatives or scepticism around investment. As such, effective communication strategies are crucial for successful sustainable business leadership, helping to engage all stakeholders, including customers and employees, in sustainability plans.

Good communication skills are also essential when negotiating budgets for projects, collaborating with other functions such as marketing to publicise sustainability initiatives, and explaining a company’s commitment to achieving their goals.

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“Sustainability means many things to many people. It really provides a very useful starting point for interdisciplinary research as well as a great starting point to explore various dimensions for very challenging policy problems.

Dr James Van Alstine Associate Professor in Environmental Policy and the Director of Masters Education, University of Leeds
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