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As the demand for urgent social and environmental change continues to grow, sustainability is placed firmly at the forefront of business agendas across many industries.

Designed and delivered by Leeds University Business School and the School of Earth and Environment, our online Sustainable Business Leadership Masters (MSc) and Postgraduate Certificate (PGCert) will help you to tackle contemporary issues at the cutting-edge of research.

Explore our knowledge hub to learn more about the latest trends in sustainability and find out how our Masters could help you advance your career.

What are the current trends in sustainability?

Find out how sustainability is transforming the world we live in, from environmental stewardship to corporate social responsibility and more.

What is Doughnut Economics?
Sustainable Business Leadership

What is Doughnut Economics?

Read our blog to explore the doughnut economics model and its seven key principles.

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What jobs are there in sustainability?

Discover the top careers in sustainability management, how much professionals earn, and some of the top skills required to work in the sector.

Discover our online Masters in Sustainable Business Leadership

Find out everything you need to know about the Sustainable Business Leadership MSc and Postgraduate Certificate, delivered fully online by the Leeds University Business School and the School of Earth and Environment.

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