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Telephone: +44 (0) 113 341 1262

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STAGE 1: Consultation

The first step will be to arrange a consultation with one of our Enrolment Advisors. During your initial consultation, we will confirm whether you have the required academic background as well as the relevant work experience. At this point you can advise us whether you wish to proceed with your application.

STAGE 2: Start your application

Following your consultation, if you are ready to apply, you will need to contact the Enrolment Team so we can create an account for you on the applicant portal. Your Enrolment Advisor can guide you through each stage of the application.

STAGE 3: Submit your application

When you are happy with your application, the next step will be to submit your documents for review by the Admissions Team. Your Enrolment Advisor may contact you if any additional information is required. You will be required to complete your application within 90 days from the date the application is created to submission date.

STAGE 4: Decision

The Admissions Team will make a decision based on entry criteria. Typically, a decision will be made within five working days of you submitting your application. If you have been successful, you will receive an email to confirm your offer. If you have been unsuccessful, you will be contacted via email or telephone.

STAGE 5: Accepting your offer

Secure your place by formally accepting your offer through the applicant portal. You will also be asked to pay for your first module or set up a payment plan with the University to pay your fees. You will then be introduced to your Student Success Advisor who will welcome you to the University of Leeds academic community.