5 Reasons to Study Digital Design and Communication

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Why do you want to study Digital Design and Communication?

Are you looking to gain the skills to become an industry leader?

Perhaps you want to learn about social and environmental approaches in design or grow your global network with fellow professionals?

Whatever your ambitions, our innovative online Masters will help you enhance your career and Lead Design in a Digital World.

In this blog, we explore five reasons why studying an online Digital Design and Communication MA/Postgraduate Certificate at the University of Leeds is a great choice.

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1. Seize the unique opportunity to study digital design and digital communications simultaneously

Our online Masters course is unique in the sense that it is one of very few online courses that covers both digital design and digital communication. You’ll experience a rare opportunity to study across the two areas by exploring a range of topics including creative design thinking and practice in user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design, service and social design, information design, graphic design, and digital communication.

You will also hone your strategic thinking across the digital environment, helping you to lead the delivery of global design strategies and drive innovation and business solutions, all while developing relevant problem-solving and leadership skills specific to the industry.

2. Uncover the top trends in digital communication design

By studying this course, you’ll be exposed to some of the new and emerging trends in digital design that are important to be aware of as a leader in the field. From the use of 3D design elements and typography emerging in recent years, to extended reality or haptic/tangible interfaces, this course will keep you up to date with the latest trends in an ever-changing industry.

3. Learn from research expertise at the Leeds School of Design

The interdisciplinary School of Design at the University of Leeds brings together expertise from a range of design and technology specialisms. Ranked 8th in the UK for Art and Design (The Complete University Guide, 2023), the School delivers the Digital Design and Communication Masters alongside world-leading research initiatives.

As a result, you’ll learn from academics who have undertaken research projects and made a real-world impact in digital design – from improving trust on cyber awareness websites to enhancing patient understanding around health screenings.

4. Benefit from a range of career or further research opportunities

On our online course, you’ll learn everything you need to work for a wide range of companies in different creative industries, join a design agency, or create your own studio as a freelancer. You’ll graduate with the ability to enter management careers in areas such as:

  • Digital Design
  • Digital Product Design
  • Graphic Design
  • UI (User Interface)/ UX (User Experience) Design
  • Web Design
  • Digital Animation

Alternatively, you may wish to continue with further research in the field through a PhD and progress to a career in academia.

As an online student, you’ll also have access to an employability lead and benefit from:

  • A range of events on careers and employability running throughout the year, including CV preparation and job application workshops.
  • Alumni events with recent and past graduates talking about their career journeys.
  • Networking opportunities through industry events.

5. Study 100% online alongside your other commitments

With a 100% online mode of learning, our course lets you study your way. Choose from six entry points throughout the year, and fit your studies around your career, so you can learn while you earn.

Online study also offers unique networking opportunities with like-minded digital design and communication professionals. You will:

  • Engage in regular discussions with leading academics
  • Collaborate with peers and professionals from a range of industries via our virtual social learning spaces
  • Discuss current topics in a dedicated LinkedIn group for the course
  • Join a global network of distinguished alumni from similar courses

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