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Steve Cutts

Engineering Management Postgraduate Certificate


September 2019 intake

What motivated you to study for an Engineering Management Postgraduate Certificate course?

My motivation for the Postgraduate Certificate course was for my CPD, and to also further enhance my engineering knowledge/management skills. I have been an engineer for 27 years and have worked mainly in the aviation industry, specifically baggage and cargo handling systems at both domestic or major international airports. With the online interaction aspect of this course, I hope to see what innovations, design adaptations from other engineers/industries may be beneficial to my current role and industry.


Why did you choose the University of Leeds?

The course was advertised on LinkedIn so I enquired about what was involved, given the online nature it appealed to me. I also know Leeds as a university with a great reputation.


Why does online learning suit you better?

I am currently on assignment overseas in Kuwait for the next two years, so the online approach and module durations suit my current needs.


What are you hoping to get out of the Engineering Management Postgraduate Certificate course and what is your end goal?

I am looking to gain a broader spectrum across multiple engineering disciplines. I’d also like to further develop my digital communications and interpersonal skills through online collaboration.


Tell us about your Enrolment Advisor. How did you find the application process?

My Enrolment advisor was very helpful and the application process was simple. Any questions I had were answered competently and quickly by the advisor.


What are you most excited about with starting your course over the next few months?

Starting the course has enabled open discussions with like-minded engineers from a broad range of backgrounds, which I personally find very stimulating.

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