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Engineering Management The entrance to the School of Mechanical Engineering Building on the University of Leeds campus.

Recognised globally for its high-quality research across a variety of engineering areas, the School of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Leeds is one of the most prestigious in the industry.

In this blog, we uncover what makes the school unique, its main collaborators and the latest projects underway in its research active learning environment.

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What is the School of Mechanical Engineering?

The School of Mechanical Engineering is a department at the University of Leeds which specialises in engineering systems and design, including thermofluids, surfaces and interfaces to medical devices and regenerative medicine. The school has a proven track record of delivering high-quality research to solve real-world problems and facilitates expert courses such as the online Engineering Management MSc in collaboration with three other engineering schools at Leeds.

The school is part of the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences, which brings together experts across other areas like chemical and process engineering, civil engineering and electrical engineering to generate knowledge sharing and collaboration across a wide range of disciplines.

What engineering research projects are currently underway at the School of Mechanical Engineering?

Research at the School of Mechanical Engineering is underpinned by scientific and engineering excellence to meet industry needs and address major societal issues.

One of the latest research projects involved a team of dedicated academics who developed a pioneering mini robot that can independently inspect underground pipes for damages and leaks. Weighing just 70g and nicknamed ‘Joey’, the robot has been designed to explore underground networks autonomously and inspect buried infrastructure to report back on damage in pipes as narrow as 7.5 cm across.

“This paper is the culmination of a large collaborative effort by a team across the School of Mechanical Engineering and Computing at Leeds. Mechanical Engineers designed and fabricated the miniature Joey robot whilst the School of Computing implemented the control systems that allow the robot to do its job effectively in the pipe environment.”

Professor Netta Cohen Lead Professor for Computing in Biology, Medicine and Health University of Leeds

Meanwhile, the Leeds University Rocketry Association (LURA) have launched a training academy to help engineering students prepare for the so-called ‘Mars generation’ of space travel. Set up by the faculty, the academy is designed to build and fly rockets that can reach as high as 2,000 feet, helping students to build their confidence and experience with practical hands-on mechanical engineering design.

A team of four students from ‘LURA’ competed against 100 others from around the world and finished fourth in their category with their rocket, Gryphon I. You can watch the launch of the rocket below.

Who does the School of Mechanical Engineering collaborate with?

The School of Mechanical Engineering has strong partnerships within the University of Leeds, including Leeds Institute for Fluid DynamicsRobotics at Leedsthe School of Medicine and the Faculty of Biological Sciences.

Insights from these collaborations with other internal departments closely influence the content of our courses including the online Engineering Management Masters, keeping it up to date with the latest developments in the mechanical engineering industry.

What are the latest developments at the School of Mechanical Engineering?

To keep up to date with all the latest developments at the School of Mechanical Engineering, visit the website or follow the @LeedsUniEng Twitter feed.

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