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Why Study Engineering Management Online?

Why Study Engineering Management Online?

Pursuing your studies to advance your career can be difficult, particularly if you are juggling a demanding job role with personal commitments. In a world, and a sector, led by technology, an alternative method to consider is studying online. This allows you to gain a qualification whilst simultaneously continuing to progress your career.

This blog outlines six benefits of studying Engineering Management online, and how each of these helps you to thrive in your life and career.

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Study to suit you

The first benefit of online study is that you can study whenever and wherever you like. This allows you to fit your study flexibly around your work commitments and personal responsibilities, whether that is family and hobbies or activities that you complete in your free time.

Whilst studying on campus requires physical attendance to lectures, seminars and tutorials, studying online can be done from the comfort of your sofa, local library or coffee shop. You can also incorporate online study into your daily routine at whatever time you are most productive, whether that is first thing in the morning before you start work, during a lunch break, or after work.

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Multiple entry points

The added flexibility of an online course means that you can decide to start at different points during the year, unlike the common September or January start required for on-campus study. This means that once you know that the course is right for you, you can start the course at various points throughout the year when it can best fit alongside your professional and personal development.

For example, if you work in a seasonal business, with peaks and troughs in demand, you might like to commence the course at a quieter time. Or, if you are looking for a promotion in eighteen months’ time, you might start the course as soon as possible to secure the qualification that might position you advantageously compared with competition.

Whatever your motivation is to start the online course, whether it is personal or professional development, or a career progression or change, you have the added flexibility to pick from multiple intake dates throughout the calendar year to best suit your needs.

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Study while you work

Studying online means that you can continue in your current job role to simultaneously advance your practical career and academic knowledge. Online courses at the University of Leeds, such as the Engineering Management MSc, incorporate research modules; these give students the opportunity to contextualise their learning in the workplace and apply workplace learnings to the course. This makes it much more enjoyable and easier to comprehend as you can see, first-hand, the impact that you are making in the workplace and in your online course.

Additionally, taking a career break, particularly when technological advancements are constantly changing the way we work, could put you out of touch with the sector that you work in, and you might end up having to catch up when you return to the workplace. Studying online means you don’t have to take a break, allowing you to simultaneously develop theoretical knowledge that directly translates into practical skills you can immediately put into action.

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Enjoy the support of a top university

Studying online with the University of Leeds gives you access to the support and facilities like any other on-campus student. First, you can obtain personalised support from your dedicated Student Success Advisor, who can guide you on assignments, deadlines and any general questions and support you need. Second, the academics teaching on the course are available to answer course-specific questions about the content that you are learning.

You’ll have access to our award-winning virtual learning environment, Minerva, including live sessions each week with our world-class academics. Over and above this, you can take advantage of additional resources and support, such as library services, academic writing skills, counselling and careers advice.

We appreciate that learning whilst working full-time is not an easy task, and time management is key to success. Therefore, we ensure that you have the support networks in place for you to perform to the best of your ability and succeed in your course.

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Save time travelling

Studying an on-campus course means commuting to the campus, or even re-locating to get the best out of your course. With online study, you can study from wherever you are in the world and gain the same course outcomes.

If commuting or relocation is not financially feasible for you, then online learning might be a great option to expand your career outlook and personal development, with the added benefit of saving time and money on cost of travel.

Network of people globally

Network with peers across the world

Learning online gives you the chance to network and interact with students from a variety of backgrounds across the world, broadening your perspectives on each topic you complete. Building professional networks is essential to success and personal development. For example, you might become more culturally sensitive and able to fit into different environments more smoothly given your exposure to other cultures.
Also, networking with individuals across different industries and businesses allows you to share your knowledge with other professionals, while also gathering information or tips and advice to solve business-related problems.

For example, you might meet someone on the course that is doing the job that you aspire to, or vice versa, and sharing tips and advice about different industries and career progression is just the start. Having contacts across sectors and businesses can really help when you want to move companies or try something new, so building those connections is important.

On another level, networking on your course can be helpful when it comes to fully understanding the course content. You might want to join the University of Leeds study groups or forums to share ideas and learn from others. Or, if you are succeeding at a module, you might like to help others understand. This community of individuals across the globe not only helps you to help others succeed but can also motivate you to progress your own career.

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