The School of Computing: Leading the Way in AI Research

Artificial Intelligence Four artificial intelligence students seated outside the Sir William Henry Bragg Building on the University of Leeds campus where the School of Computing is situated, offering specialist courses and AI research.

From artificial intelligence to algorithms, display technologies and more, topics taught at the School of Computing at the University of Leeds are broad and help develop future leaders in the computing world.

In this blog, we take a closer look at the prestigious school and some of its key partnerships and latest research projects.

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What is the School of Computing?

The School of Computing is a department at the University of Leeds that prides itself on delivering a range of specialist technology-focused courses and conducting innovative research across many areas of computing.

As an important part of the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences, it benefits from knowledge sharing with a range of experts across other specialisms including computer science, engineering, mathematics, physics and more.

“I joined the School of Computing as it is one of the leading schools for AI research in the UK, and there’s all sorts of fascinating research going on in the school that feed into the online Artificial Intelligence Masters.”

Dr Abdulrahman Altahhan Programme Lead for Artificial Intelligence MSc (online), University of Leeds
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What AI research projects are currently underway at the School of Computing?

The research conducted at the School of Computing ranges from fundamental advancements in algorithms and our understanding of computation, through to applied research into display technologies for clinical diagnosis, energy-efficient data centres, and data visualisation.

Recently, we’ve developed an artificial intelligence system that can identify those at a high risk of a heart attack by analysing routine eye scans. The EPSRC (Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council) funded research project is using deep learning techniques to train AI systems to read scans automatically. By noting any small changes to blood vessels in the retina, broader vascular diseases including heart problems can be identified and highlight any risks with 70-80% accuracy.

This is just one of many AI research projects delivered by the School of Computing influencing course content.

What partnerships do the School of Computing have?

The School of Computing has a unique partnership with The Alan Turing Institute – the national institute for data science and artificial intelligence, developed to engage, discuss, and develop new ideas. As one of only a handful of elite universities partnered with the institute, it gives the University of Leeds the opportunity to collaborate in real-world AI research projects that uncover more about the field of artificial intelligence. The key learnings are also reflected in the content of our Artificial Intelligence Masters, ensuring the course is highly relevant and attuned to the latest societal issues and global technological developments.

The Innovation Launchpad Network+

Alongside industry-leading AI research projects and strategic partnerships, the School of Computing has also joined the Innovation Launchpad Network+: a £6.75 million national network designed to accelerate innovation in the UK.

Funded by the EPSRC, the collaboration will drive research and developments across healthcare, energy, emerging technologies, and manufacturing – transforming great ideas into valuable products and services. Learn more about our involvement with the Innovation Launchpad Network+.

What are the latest developments at the School of Computing?

To keep up to date with all the latest developments at the School of Computing, visit the website or follow the @LeedsUniComp Twitter.

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