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With major advancements in existing digital design technologies on the horizon, now is an exciting time to work in the industry.

Delivered by the Leeds School of Design, our online Digital Design and Communication Masters (MA) and Postgraduate Certificate (PGCert) will help you drive innovation and solve complex communication problems in the digital design sector.

Explore our knowledge hub to learn more about the latest industry trends and find out how our course could help you advance your career.

What are the top trends in digital design?

Find out how digital design is transforming the world we live in, from improving trust on cyber security websites to enhancing colonoscopy screening instructions and more.

Female Digital Design Manager with a black ponytail, white shirt and maroon jumper answering the question ‘What is human centred design?’ by pointing to a desktop computer screen with a pencil explaining the concept to a male Digital Designer wearing a light brown jacket.
Digital Design and Communication

What is Human-Centred Design?

Explore the principles of human centred design, its importance and some real-world examples of it in action.

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What jobs are there in digital design?

Discover the top careers in digital design, how much professionals earn, and some of the top skills required to work in the sector.

Young female UX manager sitting at a desk working on UX research on a large desktop computer screen
Digital Design and Communication

How to Become a UX Manager

Explore the key traits of a UX Manager and uncover what it takes to work in a user experience leadership role.

Discover our online Masters in Digital Design and Communication

Find out everything you need to know about the Digital Design and Communication MA and Postgraduate Certificate, delivered fully online by the University of Leeds School of Design.

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