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At the University of Leeds, making sure students have everything they need to excel in their studies is our top priority – from the moment you enquire about a course, through to enrolment and graduation. Hear from our staff about the vital role they play in supporting our online students.


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Student Success Manager

Name: Francine Walker

Tell us a little bit more about your role?
My role is to support our students throughout their studies. We’re here for you every step of the way and act as the first point of call. We know that students who choose to study online are often faced with a range of different pressures on their time – from a busy working life to the flexibility that having a family requires – and committing to an online masters can sometimes require a little bit of balancing and a lot of support from those around you. We aim to be part of this support system from beginning to graduation. As a student you can come to us for a range of queries and concerns throughout the entirety of your studies. These range from getting in touch with a tutor on your behalf to finding the right resource on the virtual learning environment (VLE).

What are your responsibilities?
It’s important we ensure students are all on track and properly registered on to the course to get started on your first module. Then, we keep regular contact and ensure you consistently have all the information needed to be successful on the course. As a student you can always schedule conversations with us through the YouCanBook.Me service, which works well for you if you are across different time zones and need to book a call around your own time commitments.

Why is your job important?
It is vital that as a student you feel supported and never alone in your learning journey. Some of our students are studying online for the first time and find comfort in knowing they can turn to us for support. If we can’t help, we can find the person who can. We are never in touch to penalise, but rather to check-in on your wellbeing – this is something we will always express to you right away.

What do you enjoy most about working for the University of Leeds?

Our students are a very international, diverse group. As busy, working engineers, they bring with them years of industry experience and are all determined to succeed. They are also really nice! Leeds students are always extremely friendly and grateful for the support they receive. As an Advisor, I always feel appreciated and like a positive asset to your journey.

What advice would you give to busy professionals looking to study alongside their work commitments?
Online learning is the best option for busy engineers. We always encourage you to take advantage of the great opportunity to network with other engineers around the globe on the student forums. Studying alongside a career takes a lot of commitment and hard work, so I would also encourage professionals to be sure they are prepared to take on the extra responsibility. It’s important to ask yourself:

  • Do I have support from people close to me?
  • Am I passionate about this career path?
  • Am I financially stable?It is crucial you have addressed these three points when taking on online studies alongside your career to ensure you’re able to successfully complete the course.

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