5 Top Careers in Fashion Management

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Now is an exciting time to explore careers in fashion management.

As design managers seek to find the perfect balance between sustainable and affordable as a result of the cost-of-living crisis, fashion marketing managers are addressing changing consumer demands for nostalgia.

Whilst some career paths are more ‘famous’ than others, the fluctuating nature of the market creates a range of unique and challenging fashion jobs. In this blog, we explore five of the top careers in fashion management, their typical salaries, and the key traits and steps you need to take to work in them.

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1. Fashion Design Manager

Among one of the top careers in fashion, a Fashion Design Manager is responsible for overseeing the end-to-end design process of new ranges from idea generation through to execution. They are key to creating winning wardrobe ideas that customers will love and will also need to be confident and reactive when dealing with any design issues at different stages of the fashion value chain.

In their day-to-day role, Fashion Design Managers will:

  • Monitor emerging fashion trends and changing consumer demands.
  • Oversee the production of new artwork or computer-aided design (CAD) ideas.
  • Select product ranges to be developed and moved to the production stage.
  • Liaise with sales and marketing teams to ensure that new product lines meet market briefs.

Naturally, creativity is a key skill for Fashion Design Managers who need to experiment with new ideas and bring them to life through design. They’ll also need to possess strong project management and problem-solving skills.

2. Fashion Textile Manager

Fashion Textile Managers work closely with Fashion Design Managers and are also involved in the end-to-end design process. However, they are more focused on the specific fabrics and textiles that will be used on a new product offering and are more heavily involved in overseeing the manufacturing process.

Some of the key responsibilities of a Fashion Textile Manager include:

  • Making informed recommendations on the optimal textiles to be used in a new product offering.
  • Working with suppliers to agree on quality standards, delivery times and sustainability criteria.
  • Overseeing the planning and monitoring of production schedules.
  • Advising on the technicalities of different materials.

Understanding the limitations and opportunities posed by different materials is crucial for success as a Fashion Textile Manager, as are fashion artwork skills and a keen eye for detail.

3. Fashion Brand Manager

Once the ideal textiles are selected and the design production is in progress, Fashion Brand Managers play an important role in making sure that all new clothing designs and related activities fit in with the overall look and values of a brand. Their involvement ranges from the end-to-end journey from design through to production and delivery.

Fashion Brand Managers:

  • Liaise with Fashion Design and Textile Managers to ensure brand consistency across the product portfolio.
  • Ensure new products adhere to the companies’ ethical promises (e.g., by fulfilling sustainability requirements).
  • Oversee marketing strategies that meet customer expectations and build brand credibility.

Fashion Brand Managers need strong communication and relationship management skills when working closely with other departments to establish the product offering. They must also have a relentless customer focus and good analytical skills.

4. Fashion Marketing Manager

Working in conjunction with Brand Managers, Fashion Marketing Managers are responsible for communicating a fashion companies new product offering to customers in a way that generates sales. They typically work in-house for a fashion brand or designer or in an agency-type role to serve multiple brands. The role is perfect for those looking for careers in fashion where they can also apply their business acumen.

The main responsibilities of a Fashion Marketing Manager include:

  • Understanding the intricacies of the new product offering by engaging with Fashion Design and Textile Managers.
  • Identifying winning methods and channels to communicate fashion products to customers.
  • Overseeing the creation and distribution of content for marketing campaigns (e.g., photo shoots).
  • Analysing the performance of marketing campaigns and providing recommendations to enhance future initiatives.

Fashion marketing salaries tend to be high. The job requires good organisational skills to handle multiple campaigns simultaneously, as well as specialist knowledge of marketing tools like social media, email, and content platforms.

5. Fashion E-Commerce Manager

Last but no means least in our list of exciting fashion management jobs is Fashion E-Commerce Manager – professionals that work to enhance a brand or designer’s positioning across online channels. Their expertise can range from website development to more specialist skills in PPC (Pay Per Click) and CMS (Customer Management Systems). They find ways a fashion brand can sell products to their target audience and optimise the methods of doing so.

The primary responsibilities of a Fashion E-Commerce Manager are:

  • Collaborating with Fashion Marketing and Brand Managers to identify the best marketing and sales strategies and opportunities that will drive sales and conversions.
  • Managing changes, updates, and new activity across online site content that impacts shopping channels.
  • Analysing the customer journey and reacting with new strategies to influence buyer behaviour of fashion products.

To succeed in the role of a Fashion E-Commerce Manager, you’ll need a good working knowledge of UX (User Experience) and an in-depth understanding of sales and customer journeys. An analytical mindset and adaptability will also stand you in good stead for this role.

How much do Fashion Managers earn?

According to Glassdoor, the average salary of a Fashion Manager in the UK ranges from £36,580-£46,963 per year as of June 2022. See our table below for more detail.

Role: Salary:
Fashion Brand Manager £46,963
Fashion Marketing Manager £46,660
Fashion Design Manager £44,349
Fashion E-Commerce Manager £40,565
Fashion Textile Manager £36,580

How can I pursue some of the top careers in fashion management?

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Disclaimer: This article is not based on data but on the author’s personal perceptions of the fashion industry.

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