What roles are available for engineers progressing into management

Engineering Management

What Roles Are Available for Engineers Progressing into Management?

What are the key engineering specialisations and how well are managers paid in them? Find out in our blog. [Read more]

Four disruptive technologies changing the future of engineering

Engineering Management

4 Disruptive Technologies Changing the Future of Engineering

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How and why sustainability is becoming an important issue for organisations

Sustainable Business Leadership

How and Why Sustainability is Becoming an Important Issue for Organisations

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Two engineers discuss what is CMI accreditation

Engineering Management

What is CMI Accreditation in Engineering and How Does It Help Me?

What is CMI accreditation in engineering and how does it help me? Find out in our blog. [Read more]

An Engineer explores how to become an engineering manager

Engineering Management

How to Become an Engineering Manager

Discover how to become an engineering manager by exploring which route is right for you and your professional development. [Read more]

data science vs machine learning blog thumbnail

Artificial Intelligence

Data Science vs Machine Learning: What’s the Difference?

Understanding the difference between data science and machine learning is crucial to success in artificial intelligence. Find out more. [Read more]

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Artificial Intelligence

5 Ways AI is Changing Business

This blog discusses five ways that AI is changing business, and how you might react to capitalise upon this change. [Read more]

two students analysing artificial intelligence algorithms

Artificial Intelligence

Why Study Artificial Intelligence Online?

Advancing your career through pursuing further study is not always easy, especially if you are already juggling a demanding job role with personal commitments. Study AI online instead. [Read more]


Artificial Intelligence

The Top 5 AI Skills You Need to Land A Job in Artificial Intelligence

This article outlines some of the key skills you need to be a successful professional in the AI sector. [Read more]