A selection of coloured cotton fabrics in grey, red, orange, green, light blue and dark blue organised into sections with the hand of a fashion research manager reaching out to choose the green fabric at the Leeds School of Design.

International Fashion Marketing and Design Management

Leeds School of Design: leading the way in fashion research

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An assortment of used clothes left in a pile, provoking the question; Is sustainable fashion really sustainable?
Two young female employees working on social media marketing for fashion brands, standing and holding a laptop in front of a clothing rail and next to a window
Young fashion manager with measuring tape wrapped around her neck looking at the camera standing alongside a yellow top on a mannequin to her left and a rail of assorted clothes on the right, pondering careers in fashion management

International Fashion Marketing and Design Management

Careers in Fashion Management: 5 roles to explore

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Two young female fashion marketing masters students presenting a chequered dress to three fellow female fashion business leaders.

International Fashion Marketing and Design Management

Introducing our online fashion marketing masters

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Aerial shot of the University of Leeds campus building on a sunny day with green trees surrounding it

Artificial Intelligence

How machine learning in healthcare is revolutionising the industry

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Sustainable Business Leadership

Why study Sustainable Business Leadership online?

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Young male fashion Masters student studying at his laptop next to a clothes rail and two mannequin dummies with measuring tape around his neck ponders why study fashion marketing

International Fashion Marketing and Design Management

5 reasons to study International Fashion Marketing and Design Management

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Male engineering manager in a suit showing another male engineer wearing a hard hat a clipboard with instructions whilst on a construction site

Engineering Management

How engineering managers can lead major projects

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